Knowing your why keeps you on your path.

The first yoga classes I taught were inner anxiety festivals and truly a mess. It was bad.

I prepared and planned for years to make the shift from part time to full time yoga teacher . The reality of the work, the truth that I’d traded in my 9- 5 for a 5-9… meaning 5am-9pm almost laid me out.

The first year of studio ownership was a professionally and personally dark period in my life. Most days I truly didn’t know how I/we the business/work was going to happen or make it.

My why, my purpose. It was/is my guiding light.

It won’t always be easy, comfortable, IG worthy, or immediately fruitful. What will sustain you during the moments when you question it all? When you want to turn around?  When the thing you love seems to have led you to a dark tunnel? What’s going to sustain you?

Your why. Your purpose. That’s your light.

What’s your why or purpose in doing this work?

Start with this question, Why do I  teach yoga? If you are just starting it’s Why do I want to teach yoga? Write down the answer. Then ask why of that answer. Then ask why of the answer to the answer until you get to something that is distinct and feels exceptionally real to you.

Hint: the actual answer is rarely- because I love yoga. That’s a given for most of us  and only part of it.

Next ask yourself the following questions:

-Why does your yoga business exist (please note, most yoga teachers are independent contractors which means YOU ARE YOUR BUSINESS.)

-How do you want your teaching to benefit others? Be specific?-If you don’t teach, what will the world miss out on?

-What gifts were you born with?-What skills have you cultivated in life, through other educational avenues, or occupations?

-What  other talents do you have?-What do you feel you were born to do on this planet?

Teaching and practicing yoga allows me to access freedom in body, breath, and being. Freedom that many of my Ancestors didn’t know. I co-own a physical yoga space in honor of all that my people did not own. My work allows me to create new experiences, narratives, and legacy for my self, family,  and people.

What’s your why?