who you gon’ listen to- now?

What voice is the most reliable.
Who is there to trust?
Every other report is conflicting.

People are fighting-
on the internet
in the streets
in their houses
in the hospitals /fighting for their lives.

many are fighting for a return to a world that no longer exists. A world that is a close and distant memory.

People are dying.
we see the numbers on the internet
Those numbers have names.
First and last names. Those numbers mean something.
Those numbers mean everything to someone.

Businesses are closing-
temporarily and forever.
Businesses are re-opening.
We see the names on the internet
Behind those names are people
who had dreams. People with families.
People who put their last in a place
that come May or June first, may no longer exist
whether they re-open soon or not.

People are getting sick. People are healing.
From viruses and a multitude of pain they didn’t have time to name until now.
And others are filling up all of the time to avoid feeling anything other than the tapping beneath their fingers as they work and work and work.

She won’t stay inside. He won’t leave the house.
She is frozen in fear. He has moved over his edge.

But “Who’s report will you believe?”

Who’s voice is the loudest in your ear. Is it your voice or someone else’s? Is it your Divine or something else?

Lean into the practices, rituals, and prayers that keep you close to your intuition. To pure wisdom and the spirit of discernment.

Believe the report that arrives when you tune in.
Believe the report that arrives when you tune in.