As a teacher I provide a safe and supportive space for students to engage mindfully with the present moment, connecting with their mind and body. Yoga has been a tool for me to quiet my mind, allowing me to more deeply connect with my innate wisdom. I honor the pause, which allows for the option to be less reactionary, to whatever comes up, on and off my mat. I teach from that place of wisdom and experience.

My teaching style connects breath to fluid movement, incorporates deliberate holds, and provides ample opportunity for spacious meditative endings.

Trained under the guidance of Annelise Lonidier, I am a 200-hour Yoga Alliance Certified yoga instructor. Additionally, I completed a mentorship and continuing education curriculum in mindfulness meditation with Meryl Arnett.

As a practicing psychotherapist, I have the honor of helping others identify and overcome the barriers that keep them from living their healthiest, most fulfilling, and purposeful life. When I am “chillin” off the mat, I play team tennis, travel, check out new restaurants around town, and spend time with family and friends. My experience of the peace and joy of God are most sacred to me. That devoted connection allows my heart, mind, and presence to be a grounded and steady place, a sanctuary for others and myself.