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Day of Chill Mini-Retreat

January 8, 2020
Let’s chill.
“When we live without listening to the timing of things, when we live and work in twenty-four-hour shifts without rest – we are on war time, mobilized for battle. Yes, we are strong and capable people, we can work without stopping, faster and faster… But remember: No living thing lives like this. There are greater rhythms, seasons and hormonal cycles and sunsets and moonrises and great movements of seas and stars. We are part of the creation story, subject to all its laws and rhythms.” – Wayne Mueller, Sabbath

Join Octavia Raheem and Meryl Arnett for a Day of Chill- a half day retreat 11:00 am to 3:30pm on Sunday, January 26, 2020. We will do as little as possible. We will chill out, rest, connect to an unhurried rhythm. We will simply be.

The retreat includes:

  • Meditation
  • All-levels restorative yoga+ yoga nidra
  • Creative Ritual & exploration of everyday Chill
  • Journaling
  • Lunch {vegan & vegetarian options} available + herbal teas available through out day
  • Time to be in community with like minded people
  • Closing circle
  • Special ‘chill’ gift


Early Bird- $189 (before January 1, 2020)

Regular price- $219

Due to the intimate + super chill nature of this experience, space is limited.

A New Year’s Eve Mini-Retreat with Octavia Raheem
Reflect. Release. Clear.The end of the year is an important time to reflect, release, and clear – to exhale fully and completely.

During our time together, we will:
-Reflect in a way that allows access to deep inner wisdom in naming what we want to keep and what needs to be released.
-Release stress and all manner of old stuff through both movement/flow and stillness/resting
-Begin to clear what doesn’t serve our path forward into the new year/decade

The retreat is open to all levels and includes:

  • Opening circle
  • All-levels {vinyasa} flow practice {30 minutes}
  • Deep Restorative/Relaxation practice {60 minutes}
  • Yoga nidra
  • Journaling
  • Savory Refreshments {vegan & vegetarian options} available
  • Herbal teas available throughout our time together
  • Time to be in community with like minded people
  • Closing circle
  • Special gift

Reflect, release, and clear within {chill} community as you end one year/decade and begin the next.

Price- $129

Due to the intimate nature of this experience, space is limited.

No refunds or transfers.

Held: A Day Retreat for Yoga Teachers + Wellness WorkersDo you yearn for deeper and more authentic connections to other yoga teachers and individuals doing wellness work ?
Do you crave being in a place where space is held for you, the way that you hold space for others?
Do you need time to reflect on your journey, honor your present, and vision the future of your work?Spend a day away from giving, holding space, and teaching in order to receive, be held, and powerfully connect to the Teacher within you. At this Day Retreat you will be nourished on all levels while you share space with fellow wellness workers in an environment especially created to hold space for those whose life work is to make space for others.At this nourishing retreat, you will:
-Engage in a two-hour yoga practice that fuses restorative, vinyasa, and ends with guided deep relaxation
-Be held in truly sacred and chill space
-Have an opportunity to learn, share, and discuss personal truths about doing the important work of teaching yoga on the side, part time, or full time
-Connect to yoga teachers and wellness workers with a range of backgrounds, experiences, and expertise
-Experience the power of being seen, heard, received, and acknowledged as a Teacher
-Participate in a workshop designed to help further connect you to your why, your vision, and how to manifest it.

This experience is for:

  • Any one who’s completed a yoga teacher training at the 200 Hr. level or more
  • Teachers in training (must be at least ½ way through training)
  • Massage therapists, chiropractors, reiki practitioners, or anyone who works with healing + wellness spaces

Price: Early bird-$149 (before February 20th, 2019)
$179 Afterwards

What’s included in price:
-2 Hour Restorative and Vinyasa Yoga Practice
-60-75 minute Visioning Session
-Talking Circle to share triumphs, challenges, and truths about doing our work
-Snacks and Tea throughout day
-Lunch from Sama Buckhead (vegetarian and vegan friendly)

What to bring:
Your mat, water bottle and/or mug, journal

*This experience is intended to be intimate and space is limited to 12.

This is not a training. It’s an immersion. It’s not a place to come, sit on a mat or cushion, take copious notes and maybe reference them again. It’s a place to come and steep in the practice of intentional and supported stillness. To soak it in. To feel it in your body, mind, heart, and soul, and in that way trust it, and come into deeper and more respected relationship with it.
It is about the power of rest, anchored in restorative yoga.

Restorative Yoga offers opportunities to rest our bodies, process emotions, release tension, and find clarity on the mat. The result is often a more integrated connection to the self, more ease+ energy, and a greater sense of wellbeing.

Restorative Yoga is a subtle and chill practice that requires a different approach than more active styles. Yoga teachers and students of yoga of all traditions are invited to attend this immersion in order to deeply experience, and in that way learn, more about this nurturing, nourishing style of yoga that is beneficial for all.

Designed to feel like a retreat, over the course of the weekend you will experience, learn, and embody:

  • What Restorative Yoga is and how it differs from other forms/styles of yoga.
  • How restorative yoga is powerful and revolutionary.
  • Sequencing for restorative yoga, timing, and length of holds for your everyday+ real life
  • Restorative poses and how to modify for your body and holding patterns
  • Uncovering your personal relationship to rest and how it impacts your wellbeing
  • How restorative yoga supports the nervous system
  • How to practice restorative- like poses when you have minimal props and limited time
  • Why Restorative Yoga is a both powerful squad care and self care
  • The art of holding space for yourself and others

But wait, I’m a teacher. Will I know how to teach restorative yoga after this? You’ll be introduced to the basics of how to share restorative yoga in the most experiential way possible. You will come and be cared for while taking really good care of yourself. You’ll also receive 11 hours of CEU credits if you’d like to.


Um, I’m a student is this a teacher training? It’s not a teacher training. It’s an immersive experience which means we’ll dive much deeper than we have space and time to in a regularly scheduled class. It’s a place for both serious students and teachers of yoga to practice restorative yoga, chill, and rest.


Weekend schedule:
Saturday 2:00-7:30pm
Sunday 8:30-3:30pm

Please note that healthy snacks, teas, and spring water will be provided both days.

You will need to bring:
-Something to write with
-Lunch for both days

To learn more about Octavia visit:

Pricing: $325- 30 days in advance/ $400 after

Space limited to 16.

No Refunds

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