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Lift every voice.

April 17, 2020

Yesterday, while scrolling through my timeline I came across a story that made my heart hurt. Someone shared that they were receiving reports of an apartment complex where Black elders and children had began to eat garbage. This report came from the South. From the USA. Year 2020.

They shared that most of the people in the complex who had no car so any solutions for how to get them food would need to include going directly to the apartments.

I couldn’t just scroll by. I read four comments down. By the 5th comment a nonprofit leader had been tagged. By the 6th comment that leader had tagged 3 more women. By the 7th comment we were sending funds for the purchase of food and essentials. A store run, a plan to protect each person who volunteered to deliver, and a way organize, package and safely distribute food to everyone in the complex was in action by the 8th comment. Several comments down there was a picture of the newly forged delivery team masked/gloved up and praying before they began distribution. The thread ended with a plan to continue the food service until further notice.

I am inspired by how women all over our nation,
how Black women and folx with limited resources are quietly showing up, organizing, responding, and feeding communities while “officials” continue to fumble and throw the people crumbs.

This. is. not. new. though.

As the weeks go one, the depth of another longstanding disease is being exposed yet again. It’s ugly and oozing. Systemic racism seems to be one of the few things this novel virus can’t keep in the house.

But-Can we keep our eyes open this time?
And see the truths being revealed that may threaten our world view even more than this moment already has?
The disproportionate loss of lives in communities of color right now aren’t merely “lifestyle” choices, but have at least 400 year old bloody roots, no matter what Jerome says.

The streets are quiet. Can you hear the screams emerging from the margins, some dying to be centered? There is a lot to reckon with right now. A lot.

Today, I lift my voice to say it plain. Racism is deadly.

Naming this is part of the collective healing and medicine needed right now too.

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