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Online Community & Monthly Offerings
for Black Women | Women of Color
Led by Octavia Raheem

We worthy. Periodt.


Our bodies matter. Our minds matter. Our hearts matter. Our souls matter. Having a brave and sacred space for our yoga and meditation practice matters. Our truth and stories matter. Our faith matters. Our prayers matter. Our longings matter.Our care matters. Our rest and peace matters. Our breath matters. Our voice matters.

Vibranium is not mythical. Sister, it is in our throats. Our word is bond and liberation. Our laughter matters. In all of my life, nothing has gathered me like the sound of you, me, us, laughing from deep down in our bellies. Freely.

Our joy matters and that essence is something we are all born with. The world didn’t give it. The world stays trying, yet can’t take it away. Our love matters. In fact loving ourselves while folks systemically serve hate and shade is a whole revolution. I have fought so hard to love me through it all. And I love you.
Our tears matter. They are holy, cleansing. The most sacred.
So many ask so much of us without actually considering us.
We are so generous. We really are.
We must be generous with ourselves.
We must be generous with ourselves.

We worthy of our best.
(add the are if you need to:)

Starshine & Clay {Soul Portal |Online membership} is:

A community with monthly soulful practice that honors the simple and profound truth. We are worthy of our own care, love, and devotion.
This is a gift of self love, collective care, and the power of commitment to ourselves. Here we can remember how to care for our whole selves through yoga {movement and stillness}, yoga nidra, meditation, journaling/writing, and being in community.
We will remember how to breathe deeply. To love wholly. To live more fully.
We must release what doesn’t serve us in order to cultivate space for more of what we need and want in our lives. Without others to tend to, distractions or apologies, we re-discover the places within us most in need of our attention. And we love her, we love her fiercely.

The How

Each month we will explore a different theme or intention. Currently on deck:
letting go, wisdom, joy, power, courage, desire.

There are a few central practices each month: one weekly live (online) yoga class , meditation, yoga nidra, a mantra or affirmation, a journal of practices and questions for inquiry. You’ll also receive a monthly playlist to support and fuel your practice.
The full journal and links to schedule classes for the month will arrive on the first of each month. We’ll meet for a mini-retreat with Octavia Raheem or a VIP special guest on the second Saturday of each month from 1:00-4:00pm EST.

Here we center our rest. Our awakening. Our feelings.Our desires. Our worth.
We center our bodies, minds, hearts, and souls.
We will center self and collective love.


Please note: use access code Starshinerise2020 at check out.

What’s included in your Starshine & Clay membership:


Monthly meditation or yoga nidra practice (prerecorded)

Live stream weekly Yoga Class Every Wednesday from 7:45-9:00pm EST {Please note that live stream class will vary between Restorative, Yin, or Flow}

Full access to all videos on demand as library grows


Journal for your journey

Journal includes music, practices, and affirmations for your journey

Support with maintaining a consistent practice whether your goal is daily, five, or three days a week.


Live Mini-Retreat {via zoom} 2nd Saturday of each month from 1:00-3:00pm EST.

Private online forum to continue to share and connect


10% off any online immersions, workshops, and trainings with Octavia Raheem

VIP notification about in person retreats once they begin again

Members only discount of $100 off in person Starshine & Clay Retreats





Membership auto-renews each month

“She is a friend of my mind. She gather me, man. The pieces I am, she gather them and give them back to me in all the right order.”
– Toni Morrison

Why Starshine & Clay Soul Portal?

We deserve our own devotion. By having a consistent practice, caring for ourselves is no longer relegated to “when everything else is done” or when we get to it. Instead, you live in a way that is well with your soul. The trap and cycle of doing and doing, of only stopping when we fall out, loses its grip. You have access to the best of yourself. You have more fuel for everyone and everything else you love.
Starshine & Clay {Online Soul Portal} Membership makes practicing yoga and being well easy and joyful — because it gives you flexible structure and guidance. You’re never on your own. And the moment you join, you become part of a supportive community of sisters who share your values and help you cultivate a practice and deepen your relationship with your best self.

Ready to become a Starshine & Clay Member?

Fall enrollment now open.


Starshine & Clay  is an online monthly membership that makes it easy, affirming,  and joyful to stay committed to yourself and wellbeing! Every month you get inspiring + exclusive content from Octavia Raheem: yoga, yoga nidra, and meditation practices. You can connect with a supportive community in our forum and join me for live online yoga practice sessions every Wednesday from 7:45-9:00pm EST. We’ll also have a monthly mini-retreat (online) the 2nd Saturday of each month from 1:00-3:00pm EST.  Plus you get VIP invites to in person events and discounts on future in person retreats with Octavia Raheem. Please note that the membership is monthly and auto renews. You will be billed on the day you sign up and on the same day each month going forward.

If you decide Starshine & Clay Membership isn’t for you, you can cancel your membership at any time. Once  you have received journal and practices for the month no refund for that month will be issued.

If you are ready to cultivate a deeper relationship with yourself and practice radical care and love for yourself within a sacred and brave community created especially for Black Women| Women of Color this membership is for you. If you need or want structure and guidance to support you on your journey of being well deep down in your soul, join me. Join us. Starshine & Clay Soul portal is for sisters who want to stay consistent with their practices. Sisters who want to feel better in body, mind, heart, and soul.

You’ll receive a special member’s only newsletter each month and classes will be delivered on Octavia Raheem’s Union Fit Platform. Mini-Retreats take place via zoom.  You can access all from your computer, tablet or smartphone. And to make it easy to stay consistent our online group is a place to encourage and support you. 

I’ll break this down to the daily. For fullest soul wellness, I recommend starting with 15-20 minutes a day commitment and membership will include meditation and yoga nidra practices that range from 10-25 minutes so that you can choose based on your life schedule. You can work on the journal/inquiry prompts throughout the month, jam to the playlist whenever, and make sure to save Wednesdays from 7:30-8:45pm EST for practice and the 2nd Saturday of each month from 1:00-3:00pm EST for our mini-retreat. 

It will be there waiting for you! You can connect at any time and listen/read/practice whenever you want.

Starshine & Clay is the place for you! All practices are accessible to all levels. All you need to start is yourself and a yoga mat!

Definitely!  I’ve been on a personal journey for almost two decades, and find that community holds and affirms me, while keeping me on track. That’s why I created the Starshine & Clay Monthly Membership. I will meet you wherever you are and make it a joy+ easy to commit to your deepening relationship to yourself.

Ready to join Starshine & Clay Soul Portal? Use access code: Starshinerise2020 at check out.


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