Let’s be honest: You take care of everyone at home. At work you lead your teams beyond every goal and finish line. You strive toward excellence and hold yourself to rigorous standards in your life. You are active in your faith-based community, the school, politics, and social organizations. On the surface, it looks like you have it all and have it all together.

Okay, now let’s be real. You are exhausted, tired, feeling depleted and maybe even resentful because your needs and wants are so far on the back burner you are on edge and about to burn out.

But you are you. The one who makes it happen. You are you. The one who makes it look easy. You are you. The one that holds everything  and everything together.   When can you be imperfect or even fall apart? Where can you go and feel at ease? What will happen if you pause, rest, or take time for yourself?

You heard that yoga and meditation can help and…

Maybe you’ve tried yoga before and decided it wasn’t “for you” because the teacher couldn’t remember your name. The instructions weren’t clear. It was all about working out and you really needed space to breathe, slow down, and chill.

You tried yoga before but the drive was just completely inconvenient. The class was too full. The teacher’s voice annoyed you. She kept mixing you up with “the other” Black Woman/ Woman of Color who came on Fridays.

You’ve tried yoga before and it just kind of felt irrelevant. Irrelevant music. Irrelevant to your life quotes. The themes and intentions just weren’t “hittin’” or relevant to your needs, wants, concerns, and stresses as a Black woman or Woman of Color in the world.

You’ve tried yoga before. It was in a place with dozens of teachers on roster and zero percent of those dozen looked like you.

You’ve tried yoga online before and felt invisible or like a number and  you are not here to feel like that.

You’ve taken livestream classes before and had a question for the teacher. There was no way to access the teacher or get an answer so you said … “never mind.”

You’ve tried yoga before and it made you feel like your body “couldn’t” instead of reminding you of your possibility, beauty, softness, and strength.

You’ve tried yoga before and it left you exhausted and discouraged, like, there was way too much going on in the class.

Or maybe, you’ve never tried yoga before and you are ready, but don’t know where to start.

Either way, you are in the right place.

Welcome to Starshine & Clay : A place for Black Women and Women of Color to restore and rest.

A place where every single class and experience is curated with you and your real life (the one the world sees and the one you keep hidden away)  in mind.

A place where every class is thoughtfully planned, mindfully delivered, and designed to meet you where you are while helping you get where you want to be mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.

A place where high achieving Black Women and Women of Color like you stop waiting to exhale and finally take in a full breath.

A place where smart driven sisters can take a seat and be cared for by the best teachers, guides, and facilitators.

A place where Black Women and Women of Color in leadership can reconnect to and remember to follow their heart.

A place where you can transform your burn out into embers for your glow up.

A place designed to shift you from living and running off fumes to accessing fuel through your practice, rest, self  and community care.

Here, you are not not merely included. Your rest and restoration is at the center of every detail.

Starshine & Clay {Soul Portal} Online Yoga and Meditation Studio for Black Women & Women of Color

We focus on yoga and meditation practices that are accessible, time tested, and also transformative.

Though we love a good sweat. We aren’t talking about work out type yoga here. We are talking about the yoga of mindfulness, stillness, quiet, and restoration-chill.

What we practice and teach in this community is yoga and meditation that is known to:

Spark shifts that have otherwise been hard to make
Aid in creating healthier boundaries
Lessen anxiety and nervous energy
Help us sleep better and refuel throughout the day
Increase focus, awareness, and mindfulness
Decrease stress levels and feelings of overwhelm
Improve creativity, imagination, and problem solving

What styles of yoga are we practicing? Every thing we do is accessible, yet deep. We don’t do surface or superficial here.

Restorative Yoga (the yoga of rest)
Yoga Nidra (deep relaxation and access to liminal space)
Flow (to get the body moving in sacred alignment)
Mindfulness meditation (steady our minds)

If we can get a little woo woo, what we offer in this community truly reconnects or deepens our connection to who we are beyond our roles, identities, and duties we perform. We reconnect to who we were before the world told us who we were supposed to be. We call it a soul portal because here we unite with that part of us that is free, powerful, unbothered, full of love, and joy.

In the words of Starshine Member Tanya Blackwell, “Starshine & Clay is an integral part of my healing and wellness journey. Being in this community has given me something that doesn’t diminish when I share it with others. It only grows. “

Starshine & Clay Online Yoga and Meditation Studio:

A one of a kind online yoga and meditation community dedicated to the rest, restoration, well-being, and care of Black Women and Women of Color. Our live stream classes, virtual mini-retreats, and monthly content are always created with you in mind.

The How

We focus on rest via restorative yoga, Yoga Nidra, and meditation.

There are a few central practices each month: one weekly live (online) yoga class , one live meditation class, yoga nidra, a mantra or affirmation, a journal of practices and questions for inquiry. You’ll also receive a monthly playlist to support and fuel your practice.
The full journal and links to schedule classes for the month will arrive on the first of each month. We’ll meet for a mini-retreat with Octavia Raheem or a VIP special guest/ renown yoga/wellness expert on the second Saturday of each month from 11:00am-1:00pm EST.

Here we center the mind, body, heart, and soul of Black Women and Women of Color.

What’s included in your Starshine & Clay membership:


Monthly meditation or yoga nidra practice (prerecorded)

Live stream weekly meditation class every Monday from 7:00-7:30pm EST

Live stream weekly Yoga Class Every Wednesday from 7:45-9:00pm EST

Full access to all videos on demand (over 40+ videos and growing)


Custom Seasonal Journal for your journey

Journal includes music, practices, and affirmations for your journey

Inspiration to maintain a consistent practice whether your goal is daily, five, or three days a week.


Live Online Retreat {via zoom} 2nd Saturday of each month from 11:00am-1:00pm EST. Retreats are worth the monthly investment alone. They are POWERFUL!


10% off any online immersions, workshops, and trainings with Octavia Raheem

VIP invitation to in person retreats (resuming 2022)





$79 every month

Membership auto-renews each month

What members are saying:

“Starshine’s founder, Octavia Raheem not only talks the talk, but walks the walk. After attending several in person retreats, I was excited for the online experience. The Starshine & Clay monthly membership has helped me in more ways than one — from making a life-changing career decision to supporting my mental health on Election Day 2020. I am grateful for such an intentional community created for us. ”

– L’Oreal Thompson Payton

What members are saying:

“Each practice I feel deep connection to all of the sisters, even though we’ve never met. Starshine isn’t just an online yoga program. It’s a whole ministry.

We need it and we need each other.”

– Adrienne Lacy

Why Starshine & Clay ?

We deserve our own devotion. By having a consistent practice, caring for ourselves is no longer relegated to “when everything else is done” or when we get to it. Instead, you live in a way that is well with your soul. The trap and cycle of doing and doing, of only stopping when you are extremely exhausted, loses its grip. You have access to the best of yourself. You have more fuel for everyone and everything else you love.
Starshine & Clay Membership makes practicing yoga and being well easy and joyful — because it gives you flexible structure and guidance. You’re never on your own. And the moment you join, you become part of a supportive community of sisters who share your values and help you cultivate a practice and deepen your relationship with your best self.

Ready to become a Starshine & Clay Member?




Starshine & Clay  is an online monthly membership focused on rest and restoration for Black Women and Women of Color. Every month you get inspiring + exclusive content from founder and author Octavia Raheem. Get your mind ready for the week with Monday night meditation from 7:00-7:30pm EST. Rest and reset mid-week via  live online yoga practice sessions every Wednesday from 7:45-9:00pm EST.  We’ll also have a monthly retreat (online) the 2nd Saturday of each month from 11:00am-1:00pm EST.  Plus you get VIP invites to in person events and discounts on future in person retreats . Please note that the membership is monthly and auto renews. You will be billed on the day you sign up and on the same day each month going forward.

If you decide Starshine & Clay Membership isn’t for you, you can cancel your membership at any time. Once  you have received journal and practices for the month no refund for that month will be issued.

If you are rest and restore within a community created especially for you this membership is all yours. If you need or want structure and guidance to support you on your journey of being well and rested, this is for you.  Starshine & Clay Soul portal is for sisters who want to stay consistent with their practices. Tired of running on fumes and ready to refuel and stay that way. Join us.

You’ll receive a special member’s only newsletter each month and classes will be delivered on Octavia Raheem’s Union Fit Platform. Mini-Retreats take place via zoom.  You can access all from your computer, tablet or smartphone. And to make it easy to stay consistent our online group is a place to encourage and support you. 

I’ll break this down to the daily. For fullest soul wellness, I recommend starting with 15-20 minutes a day commitment and membership will include meditation and yoga nidra practices that range from 10-25 minutes so that you can choose based on your life schedule. You can work on the journal/inquiry prompts throughout the month, jam to the playlist whenever, and make sure to save 

Mondays 7:00-7:30pm EST

Wednesdays from 7:45-9:00pm EST 

2nd Saturday of each month from 11:00am-1:00pm EST for our online retreat.

I recommend at least one live class a week for the best results ie less tension, stress, burned out, and that awful “running on empty” feeling that so many “just live with.”

Replays are available for all classes EXCEPT the 2nd Saturday mini retreats! You’ll want to catch them live!

All replays/ on demand classes are here.

Starshine & Clay is the place for you.  All practices are accessible to all levels. All you need to start is yourself, a yoga mat, blankets, and pillows. YES- you need that for the CHILL yoga we do here!

Yes! You are in the right place. This is the place for you to be held, take care, and have real deep and transformative experiences that will unlock your higher potential. No really, in my 17 years of experience I have found that rest via restorative yoga, Yoga Nidra, and meditation are the keys to lasting growth, authenticity, and even more clarity in my life and work. Come, rest, do this consistently (weekly for at least three months) and see for yourself.



Ready to join Starshine & Clay Soul Portal?


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