An immersive experience into the Power of Restorative Yoga
For Black Women \ Women of Color

Rest is fuel. Restorative Yoga is Powerful Yoga.

I didn’t always respect the power of restorative yoga and the rest and refuge it provides. In fact, I scoffed at it. The idea of doing less, moving slower, pausing, and laying on bolsters seemed completely pointless and like a waste of time to me. It wasn’t until a physical injury sustained from over training, over muscle usage, and over doing landed me in the hospital in 2012 that I finally began to even consider the importance of rest and returned to restorative yoga.

I lay in a hospital bed and sobbed. Not because I feared for my health and well-being. I shudder to think back to how little care or concern I showed myself, even when I was “laid up.” I was so completely wrapped up in the doing of all of the things and being all of the things at work and home that I worried what would happen if I didn’t or couldn’t do those things. It occurred to me that I could ask for help. I recoiled at the thought of appearing weak. In addition to not being able to physically rest, there were so many ideas and beliefs that didn’t serve me that I just couldn’t lay to rest.

I feared that if I rested, if I slowed down, I’d be left behind. Rest caused me to reckon with the truth that where I was headed, where I was running/rushing to, wasn’t a place I wanted to be anyway. Ouch. I was at the top of a game I didn’t even want to play. Whew chile! (Busyness can hide some things!)

Now, rest reorients me and points me in the direction of my own true north and purpose.
I didn’t become a believer in the power of rest with the snap of a finger. I had to practice it with intention and devotion. I had to become a student of it. Ultimately I teach rest and restorative yoga because it saved me.

Who am I NOT to testify to the power of rest?

You may know this motto “I’ll sleep when I’m dead.” Though rest and sleep are vastly different things (and we will explore this in our immersion) this motto within our community and the larger culture we exist within, alongside the systems, set of beliefs, and realities informing it are dangerous to Black Women and Women of Color. We face a number of physical, mental, and psycho social disparities that impact our lifespan and quality of life. Rest won’t necessarily change all of that at once. Yet we know rest impacts our nervous system and shifts us from the inside out.

Devoted {to} Rest is:

for Black Women and Women of Color Yoga Teachers, Wellness Professionals, Therapists, and Leaders who are ready to live, love, and work with more effortlessness, grace, and ease. It’s for yoga teachers who crave a deeper experience and want to add more depth to their practice and teaching. It’s for those of us who are tired of being tired and want to commit to self + collective care via rest within a group of accomplished women who are brave enough to lay down. I say brave enough because rest requires courage in a world hell bent on working, grinding, hustling, and defining that as the only way of being productive.

Who are the teachers?


Octavia Raheem

Author of Gather, Restorative, Yin, Yoga, Empowered Wisdom Yoga Nidra, and Meditation Teacher, Founder of Starshine & Clay, and lead teacher

Guest Teachers

Screen Shot 2020-11-17 at 9.51.13 PM

Jennifer Sterling

Psychotherapist and Author of Dear Strong Black Woman: Letters of Nourishment and Reflection from One Strong Black Woman to Another

Learn more

Screen Shot 2020-11-17 at 9.42.52 PM

Shana Nunnelly

Sound Meditation Guide, Healer, and Lineaged Priestess

Learn more

Tracee Stanley

Lineaged teacher of yoga nidra, meditation, and self-inquiry and Author of Radiant Rest

Learn more

Monthly Live Dates:

May 21-23

June 18 & 19

July 23 & 24

August 27 -29


Fridays- 6:30-9:00pm EST
Saturdays- 12:00-4:00pm EST

Sunday 10:00-11:15am EST


Other time commitments

HomeRest (Not work:) includes: 20-30 minute daily rest practice, on your own

Two rest sessions with your restpod. *a restpod is a small group of individuals from immersion who gather {online} to rest together and share rest revelations

In this online immersive experience participants will:

Be invited into more space, stillness, ease, and effortlessness in order to experience rest within their bodies

Reconnect with their innate ability and right to relax, release, and restore.

Reclaim the value of quietude in the midst of an exceptionally loud society and historical moment

Experience rest as a source of power/empowerment

Cultivate boundaries that honor their innate need and desire to rest

Be held and nourished in brave community while resting, learning, and growing

Have space, support, and guidance toward building a business, work schedule, or teaching practice that has more ease, space, and is anchored in rest

Peak inside the vibe/energy of a Starshine & Clay experience:

At the end of the experience students will understand the following in an embodied way:

The Purpose of Restorative Yoga

Why Restorative Yoga is an essential practice for Black Women & Women of Color

How to create a sacred resting place for themselves

3-4 Restorative Yoga Poses and how to modify them for self, students, and clients when teaching online

The Difference in Restorative Yoga & Yin Yoga

How to move toward effortlessness presented by Tracee Stanley

The effects + magic of sound meditation presented by Shana Nunnelly

How the nervous system works and about the parasympathetic nervous system presented by Jennifer Sterling 

How rest empowers us and connects to our source of power

Creative ways to build or reshape a business or career that honors rest

Participants who are registered yoga teachers will receive CEU credits for this as well as be approved to teach the poses we learn in an online setting.

Required texts:

Gather by Octavia Raheem (included)

Restorative Yoga for Ethnic and Race-Based Stress and Trauma by Dr. Gail Parker (must be purchased separately. Not included)

Radiant Rest by Tracee Stanley ( Must be purchased separately. Not included).

Required Materials:



At least two bolsters.

Blankets (ones you have at home are fine.)

At least two blocks.


On Fridays we engage in holy, decadent and luxuriating rest as a whole group together led by Octavia Raheem. Your home sanctuary set up will require your favorite pillows, blankets, eye pillow, cozy socks, candles, and a quiet space.


Saturdays are for deep listening, embodied practice, and dives into the art, science, spirit, energy, and magic of rest. Sacred Teachings on the power of rest and restorative yoga will be delivered by Octavia Raheem. Guest teachers include:Tracee Stanley, Shana Nunnelly, and Jennifer Sterling


Throughout the process we lay our burdens bare and we get free. We will testify. Move. Pray in whatever way is most resonant to us and we will rest. We daydream and vision another way (beyond “everyday I’m hustlin’”)  to create, work, and manifest in our lives.

The nature of this immersion activates profound shifts from within. With that in mind, this experience is by application only and limited space is available to ensure that every participant is seen, heard, and supported through this transformative process. Click here to join waiting list.




Starshine & Clay / Gather Ourselves monthly members receive 10% off full price.

Scholarships available. Please see application for details.

*scholarship cannot be combined with members’ discount


Must complete an application.

Must have at least 12 months of yoga experience

Want to become a member and get 10% off? Click here BEFORE applying!


Since learning to teach Restorative yoga is actually about learning to practice Restorative yoga, the experience is rooted in practice, first and foremost. You will not become a certified teacher after this immersion. However, if you are a yoga teacher and registered with Yoga Alliance, you can receive up to 30 continuing education credits by participating in and completing this course.

This immersion is anchored in restorative yoga, the practice of deep rest, support, and surrender.

If you are already certified at the 200 hour level, this course prepares you to teach the poses we cover in an online setting.

No. You do need at least 12 months yoga experience to participate.

Registered Yoga Teachers receive CEUs (continuing education) credit for participation

Friday evening sessions will not be recorded as they will include individual reflections, breakout sessions, and personal conversations.

Sacred Teachings/Lectures on Saturday will be available for replay up for 72 hours after live session. If you miss a session, you will be asked to make it up by reviewing Saturday’s replay and writing an essay about the topics covered.



$2222 , Starshine & Clay / Gather Ourselves Monthly members receive 10% off.

Yes, payments can be split into 4 even payments.

Make sure this is the program and experience for you before applying. If you are accepted, a nonrefundable deposit of $555 will hold your space. We do not offer refunds.

Friday Sanctuary Sessions, Saturday lectures and sermons,  manual, signed copy of Gather, all sessions with guest teachers, life changing experience, community of to support rest and growth, and so much more.

Yes, absolutely. This experience is intended to be intimate, build community, and cultivate authentic relationships between participants. Even though this experience takes place online, space is limited.


If you are not a member of online studio you will need to purchase eight online classes from in Octavia’s virtual studio.

Restorative Yoga for Ethnic and Race-Based Stress and Trauma by Dr. Gail Parker 

Radiant Rest by Tracee Stanley ( Pre-order now,must be purchased separately. Not included)

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