“Bringing the gifts that my ancestors gave, I am the dream…” -Maya Angelou

The past four weeks I’ve worked with 9 women in my #Held mentor group for yoga teachers. We’ve named, faced, and began to clear limiting beliefs.  Slaying all manner of oppressive dragons, We’ve unearthed dreams that had been marginalized, beaten, shamed, hated, ridiculed, and buried deep within us. We’ve actively reclaimed our right to rest, dream, rise up, and work for our own visions/ dreams more than someone else’s.  We’ve remembered dreams that are 500+ years old.

And what has emerged is forever free within us.

Grown women deserve space to dream. When we dream. When we vision, we remember and tap into our creative power.


Sisters. We have a wealth of creative power.And for some of us, it’s bound up, tied up, being poured out for everybody else, and leaking out in places where we lack boundaries in relationships, family, and work. It may be historical, but that’s not our legacy.

It’s time to snatch our power back.
Old paradigms and systems rely on women’s complicity in being “drained” at home and work for its fuel.  Abiding in that place won’t create the space and time for you to dream and reconnect to your creative power.
Snatch your power back from the vampires, parasites, lazy lovers, energy drains, and inner gremlins that keep drinking up all the fuel you need to grow your visions and dreams.

Your family and even “friends” who depend on your energy to feed them and their visions & dreams even if it starves yours— they may suddenly become unavailable or the opposite- clingy, as you begin “operation snatch back.”

Get your energy together anyway.

Snatch your creative Power, your energy, your fuel back.  Run to the wide open field of your own heart and mind. Dance freely in the field of your own imagination.

Rest and dream there. Rest and meet your dreams. Your creative power is in there.