Running a yoga studio is some of the most challenging work you can possibly do while raising a family. Layer in navigating personal oppression and marginalization while walking out one’s purpose to create space for others who are oppressed and marginalized to have space to heal. The challenge becomes exponential.

What folk see from the outside looking in… transformative trainings, revolutionary retreats, the expanding power of chill… All of that is not 10% of the story.

The sheer grit. The fortitude. The willingness to commit deeply and profoundly despite the risk of failure at most every step and turn. The summoning of inner power to dismiss hesitation again and again.

It takes trust that what you are creating is bigger than your doubts, risk of failure, or ego.
Trust that what you are creating is bigger than right now.

It takes deep love to hold so many people through their joy, their cracking open, their surrender, their truth AND their entitlement, their untruth, their resistance, complaints, and limited capacity or unwillingness to see what it really costs (energetically, financially, and beyond) to do the specific work that running a small business/ studio requires.

More days than not, I meet the challenge with reverence, clarity, brave hope, and quiet joy.

Just like everybody else, I am human. I have days where I feel like I need to have a word with Ganesha/Jesus and nem- about the obstacles being too many, and not the way.

Sacred Chill West will officially be three in October. This year has felt like both the longest valley and steepest climb. I’ve found myself in a broken down chariot, on the edge of many unfamiliar and dark roads. Wondering how something so purposeful could be so challenging. How a vision I hold so clearly, can be so misunderstood.

Then miracles come.

Dara, a studio owner I’ve never met “randomly” reaching out to say “I see you. I see the work that you are doing. Whatever this moment is offering you ‘put the situation in the hands of Infinite Love and Wisdom’”

Danielle, (a student, teacher, and business owner) I met while leading a Starshine & Clay Retreat emails “out of the blue” to say:“Thank you for honoring what has been divinely gifted to you on so many levels. Being in a lineage of Baptist preachers, along with having a heart for ministry and service myself, I also know that so much goes on that people do not see, know or understand. From first hand experience, I know that there is much that you, your family, your close loved ones/friends go through in living as you live and doing this work. Be encouraged because you are touching so many lives. Your legacy is unfolding.”

And then I hear a whisper of wind call out to me.

I know who and what is unwavering and real.

A shift begins. I rise again.