Private lessons aren’t just for yoga pros, rich people or fitness buffs. Private lessons are for anyone who wants to grow their yoga or meditation practice. Maybe your focus is practicing advanced postures, learning additional philosophies or practices such as pranayama and meditation. Maybe your focus is learning how to practice with or after an injury or illness. Maybe you just want to see how yoga philosophies can be applied off the mat. Whatever your desired intention might be, private lessons are for you.

Our favorite part of working privately with students is that we are able to taylor the practice to be exactly what you need in that moment. Focusing on mastering a specific pose, working to alleviate pain in a certain area or just bringing a sense of peaceful presence to a hectic day – each practice is a unique experience designed just for you.


Three, 1-hour sessions


*Introductory package only valid once per new student.

Curious in booking a Private Lesson?


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