Rest coaching is an invaluable tool for leaders who are driven, ambitious, and tired of being tired. The entire session is built around what you need and want. Rest is fuel. Are you trying to deepen impact or level up on fumes?

All sessions are conducted virtually.

Monthly (up to 2 sessions a month- 6 month minimum)


Seasonal support (up to four times a year)


Interested in rest coaching and a 1:1 retreat?


Some ways to rest 1:1

Deep Rest

I create a peaceful, grounded and nurturing environment. We use bolsters, blankets, and blocks to support you in long held poses to make space for you to feel completely supported,  taken care of, cradled, and rest. Restorative yoga quiets the sympathetic nervous system and stimulates the para-sympathetic nervous system. This allows for true healing, including improvements in sleep, digestion, focus, and general well being.

Ideal for people who are overworked, overstimulated, super active, and need space + time to deeply relax.

Remember the center

Includes therapeutic stretching, yin yoga, and core + pelvic stability in order to support you in quite literally reconnecting to or more fully connecting to your center.

Ideal for individuals seeking to establish a balanced relationship with how they “work” and use their bodies.

Restorative Flow

This practice combines breath, movement, and stillness to create an embodied and restorative experience for the mind, body, and heart..  Every sequence is personally designed based on your goals with an eye toward detail, refinement of postures, and essential/safe alignment.

Ideal for people who want/need to move, be still, and also restore.

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