In exactly a month (September 13) Yoga and Meditation Teacher Training at Sacred Chill {West} will begin. Stepping back into the cycle of teaching and training teachers, I reflect on the graduation of our first group of teachers  and the prayer I offered at graduation.

⁠⁠It’s really a prayer for all of us- yoga teachers.⁠⁠

The prayer.⁠⁠

Beloved, our divine- Thank you. Thank you for bringing this group of brave, authentic, truth seeking, and powerful individuals together in this place and time to do this work.⁠⁠As they cross the threshold may they know that to teach is a high honor, a calling.

It requires devotion. Devotion to truth. To learning. To a sense of service (not servitude), Devotion to The Oneness that contains multitudes.⁠⁠⁠

To teach is both to show up and get out of our own way.⁠⁠⁠It is to practice and stay curious.⁠It means that we refuse to hide.⁠

It is to see and allow ourselves to be seen.⁠Teaching is an invitation to be with yourself, flaws, imperfections, and all.⁠

To be with others and theirs.⁠ It requires skill, discipline, courage, and strong strong love.⁠⁠

New Yoga Teacher:⁠

As you step on to the other side of this deep and long path may you know this:⁠

If you walk long enough, you will fall. You will learn how to rise. When you can’t pick yourself up, you will be lifted. You will learn how to surrender and trust.

⁠⁠Know that no one can do your work or take your journey for you, and you also don’t have to do it alone.⁠⁠

When you teach. We teach. When you learn. We learn. When you grow. We grow.⁠⁠

Ase. Amen.⁠