The Lordt is continually working with me on this one. I back slide in my knowing from time to time.⁠

It’s like this though:⁠
Folk who don’t have, honor, or maintain their own boundaries have no capacity to respect yours. ⁠
They haven’t built that inner muscle.⁠

If we are not mindful, that lack of boundaries spills into interactions- tries to become a force, banging up against your sanity, integrity, relationship…. all the things.⁠

These days when I observe that someone is leaking out and unconsciously or consciously offering me a handful of mess. ⁠

I bare witness and acknowledge what is actually going on without making anyone good, bad, worse, or better. I root down into my feet. I inhale/exhale with awareness at my heart. ⁠I quietly say to myself. “I see you…and all of that.⁠ I see you. and none of that leakage is mine or will become mine.”⁠

Or sometimes I simply say real loud-⁠

I told y’all The Lordt is working with me on this one.😂⁠