“Life’s most persistent and urgent question is, ‘What are you doing for others?’”- Dr. Martin Luther King Junior

Seva is a Sanskrit word originating from the root, sev, which means, “to go toward.”


Seva can be loosely translated to me selfless service. The concept of seva captures not only the idea of acting freely for the good of others, but can be understood as the desire and action of giving with no hope or expectations to receive in return. We believe that Seva is a natural and intrinsic way that we relate to one another and as such, it is one of three pillars that give light to the vision that is Sacred Chill {West}.

Some ways that we practice Seva are:

Donation Based Classes

Once a month we host donation based classes to benefit Atlanta Based Nonprofit organizations that serve our neighborhood, educate and nurture the next generation, and/or seek to provide basic needs and support to those who are marginalized.

Volunteering with our neighborhood {public} school

We provide a yoga or mindfulness practice for parents and students at Bolton Academy.

Community Garden

We are proud to be a community partner with our neighbors over at Jim Adams Farm.

Official Partner with Local Yoga Based Nonprofit

Studio Partner to local nonprofit Cultivate Union.

Offering School Teacher Discounts

Teachers receive a 15% discount with valid I.d.

Taking it off the mat

At least once a year our co-owners, teachers, and students participate in a service project as a collective.

Supporting your cause or fundraiser:

Hosting a fundraiser and want our support?
We would be honored to support your fundraiser by providing a class card for an auction, raffle, or giveaway. Please note that we have a quarterly budget. If we’ve met our budget at the time of your request, we will consider you for the upcoming quarter.

Email us at info@ and answer the following questions to be considered:
1. What is the name of your organization? Is it a 501c3?
2. What is your mission?
3. What is your connection to that mission?

Providing space for start-up or nonprofit organizations to host a fundraiser:

Twice per year our studio is open and available to host an event that raises awareness about a critical issue within our community/nation while creating access to yoga, supporting equity, and social justice.

Each co-owner as devoted years to personal Seva projects. Each of the co-owner practice service with an Atlanta Based Nonprofit that is near and dear to her heart.

Positive Impact: Meryl Arnett

Red Clay Yoga: Octavia Raheem

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