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Held is a one-to-one mentor program for yoga teachers and wellness professionals who want to work from a place of truth, further activate their purpose, and create a transformative offer (program, immersion, retreat, or series) that is undeniably brilliant, sustainable, and profitable. All while resting and being at more ease.


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The Truth

Held Yoga Business Mentorship is a one-to-one program that supports yoga teachers in bringing an idea from seed to full bloom, while prioritizing rest, soul care, abundance, and long term sustainability. Over the course of our time together you focus on clearing patterns that keep you in unhealthy loops, unable to see and fulfill your visions. What keeps you from tending to those sacred seeds in your hand and heart? You need time to clear that.

We engage practices and processes that serve to free you of old bonds. Clearing allows you to gain renewed clarity about who you are, what you want, how you want to work, and what you want to create.

Renewed clarity leads you directly into an inspired place of creation. And because you arrive at this place rested and restored, you are ready to take courageous action, employ steady effort, and wholeheartedly commit to making something that is rooted in your truth, bold, an essential offering for your ideal client/student, and serves them in unprecedented ways.

Held  is holy ground and a place you must go in order to gather the seeds that are yours and yours alone to tend to.

Dharma is what holds us, guides us, and sustains us. – Ishan Tigunait

Held  brings the absolute richest wisdom of Octavia Raheem’s 18 years as a yoga student and 15 years of working and writing within the yoga field forward. She has been a part time and full time teacher, physical and online studio owner, lead teacher and manager of dozens of teachers, director of training programs, teacher trainer, mentor, and retreat leader.  It brings together everything she has learned from over a decade of being an educator, designing curricula, and employing methodology that supports embodied learning.

This program is for yoga teachers who have been doing the work and now want to focus on what is truly their work.

Who would you be if you lived and worked (more) from your truth? What would you do? How would your life feel and look?

Held is a place to ask and answer this question.

It’s a call to live your answer.

You didn’t make it through all of that to play small. Now did you?


This personalized experience is for you because:

You have a bold voice of truth pulsing within you and you also feel disconnected from your personal truth in the way you are currently working and living.

You know “your stuff” from practice, training, and education. You regularly invest in your personal and professional development with intention. You know your experience sets you apart and you are ready to live, create, and work from that knowing.

You are driven, creative, critical thinking, interested in process and refinement

You are building a yoga/wellness business, program, or brand  that changes the world.

You desire to do good in the world and financially thrive while doing so. You know that when your work is sustainable you can uplift your community in ways that piecing together a living doesn’t allow.

You are anti-racist, know that Black Lives Matter, use a person’s correct pronouns, and you don’t judge people who occasionally swear…. cause shiiiiittt. We human.

You have deep desires and you are tired of feeling guilty or like you need to apologize for wanting what you want.

You are a dreamer AND one who takes inspired action. (Both sides of that are VERY important!)

You can fully devote yourself to the whole process right now. You will not skip out on yourself, not this time.

You are willing to show up and trust that your efforts can multiply your investment in this program over and over.

You are aware that the “field” has changed radically in the last 18 months and you don’t want to go back to the way you were working or serving. You want to move, carry wisdom, and lessons forward.

You want to create something amazing that can help your business or brand grow, thrive, and extend beyond today. Your work is legacy work.

You want to do all of this (rest + work) in an extremely intimate and supportive way. I’m talking one-to-one with me. You can’t hide here.

Speaking of hiding, you are no longer interested in hiding your genius, truth, light, and power.

What would you do if you trusted and knew that you are held?


We will

Engage practices and processes to find, connect to, and strengthen your vision, goals, and capacity to reach them.

Refine or uncover your individual why, who, and message. You will get clear and unapologetic about who your people are and call them in.

Create or fine tune one powerful program, offer, retreat, or course that is unique to your why, who, and message. You will design this offer in the program and receive feedback about it before you launch it into the world.

Learn and implement best business practices for sustainability, fulfillment, transformation, and impact.

Be held within a container that prioritizes rest, honors taking care of yourself and staying in alignment with your deepest desires and vision.

Expand your mindset in relationship to rest, work, money, and service.

Release limiting patterns about what is possible.

Are you ready?

What’s Included?

Session #1  Rest and Be Held

It’s very likely your wheels are constantly turning. You work hard and your results don’t seem to match your effort. You might even be in our hustle, grind, do all of the things mode. You may be tired, but fear you can’t rest. In our first session we rest, reflect, and recalibrate for the new journey ahead.

Session # 2. Clear up and clarify

We look at what you are doing, creating, and how you are using your time and energy. We look for what obviously lights you up, restores, and sustains you. We get real AF about what does not. We create a plan, timeline, and actionable steps to release what needs to go in order for you to focus on doing what you actually want to do with who you want to do it with.

Session #3 Confirm and Create

You deserve to do what you love with your people. Periodt. Do you hear me? Okay, we likely need to get real real about who your people are and why. Yes yoga and wellness are for everyone. However, you are not. And that’s your mighty magic! In this session with get “day clear” on who your ideal client or student is and  what you really want to create, share, and offer them. We (re)design  your primary offers in a way that honors the how you want to feel, share, and be in the world.

Session #4  Call your people in

After this session you will be prepared to use your words to call in your dream student and client. You will have a launch or marketing strategy that is aligned with who you are. You will be prepared to put yourself out there, be seen, and share your offers in an empowered and authentic way.

Wherever you are. It’s virtual!

One-to-One sessions scheduled Tues/Thurs between 12-3pm EST

Together, you and I will create a weekly schedule of both rest and work

“You wanna fly, you got to give up the shit that weighs you down.”
– Toni Morrison

Held: The process


You start this journey by going within. By resting. Be unraveling. By reflecting. By noticing the “programs” that are running in your head and heart. You begin to reprogram yourself. Your practice, discussion, and inquiry will focus on identifying and releasing patterns, habits, and self limiting beliefs that undercut even your best efforts as well as diminish your ability to see and operate within and from your personal truth.


Your practices, discussion, inquiry, and assignments will focus on what you really want. What is yours and only yours to do and how to follow your inner light to get there. You will confirm and affirm who your work/brand/mission is for. You will define your who, what, why, and begin to formally strategize your how. “How” is rooted in the brilliant fire of your truth. This includes conceiving and designing an offer: program, online community, etc that defines your work, business, or brand in the world.


Here you get incredibly focused and you make something so dope, so fly, so full of the light of your truth- so EVERYTHING that you wow and re-wow (just made up a word) yourself. You’ll create one, substantial and signature offer that you’ve only dreamed of sharing in the world. With support, you will develop a launch strategy that speaks precisely to your people and calls them all the way in. You will officially launch your program BEFORE the end of the calendar year.


This program is open to you if you:

Have completed a 200-hour or higher yoga teacher training program

Have taught yoga or worked in your field for at least one year

Completed an application with purpose and detail

Not a yoga teacher but creating something to support people in being well?

Email Octavia at octavia@octaviaraheem.com

Share your work + why you feel this intimate and intensive program is for you.

This program is offered by application only.

All 2021 spaces are full. Click here to join waiting list.

What is Octavia like as a mentor?

The Held Mentorship is that meaningful piece that was missing from all my yoga teacher trainings, courses, workshops and classes: a real relationship with an experienced and compassionate teacher who is willing to share from and listen with her open heart. The type of safe and nourishing space that Octavia Raheem creates and cultivates for the individual and intimate group is beyond anything that I could imagine existed. I thought I would never overcome my fears, doubts and insecurities surrounding my ability to find my true purpose as a yoga teacher and wellness guide. I thought it was too late in my career to need and ask for such guidance, and too late in my life to find self-love and true sisterhood. The support I gained here let me dig deep in black soil, touch and expose my most tender roots, water my dreams to grow into a healthy, strong tree; a woman who is seen, heard and loved. I am fearless now and shining in my purpose to enhance the life and livelihood of myself and others through offering private sessions, presenting and branching out my gifts across the city and nation through classes, workshops and at retreats, and I have begun writing my first book. My unique path is clearer, my highest goals are clarified and my creativity is back and ablaze. I am reborn, and I am held. -Ona Hawk

Joining the mentorship program with Octavia taught me/is teaching me what if feels like to truly support. Most importantly, it taught me/is teaching me to allow myself to be supported.  It has been an embodied experience of learning how to show up, speak my deepest desires around my personal and professional life, and allow all the rough edges that I typically like to hide – to be seen. I’m grateful that the person seeing was Octavia – she held my dreams in her arms as if they were her own. She saw the parts of me that hid from doing *and* the parts of me that did too much. She nurtured me and my dreams – sometimes with soft nudges, other times with a push. One of her gifts is truly seeing and feeling – and knowing when each method of holding is appropriate. Thanks to her mentorship program – her nudges, her pushes, her holding – I am building programming that bridges the research I love to do (work, stigma, and worthiness) with the practices that have helped heal my own toxic relationship to work (stillness based yoga practices). I am on my way. I am grateful. I am held. -Tiffany Johnson

I had an idea of what I wanted from a mentor program, but what I actually got out of it was more than I could have imagined. I realized that my expectations on how a mentorship with Octavia Raheem would operate was on the surface side of things, but she had other plans. She dove, without hesitation, and with a nurturing approach into the deeper levels on having me question and answer, who I am and what I REALLY want. She worked me from the inside out. Which offered me a deeper insight and perspective not only on mySelf, but also my work as a yoga teacher. Octavia has a special ability to see a person’s true nature, energy, and gifts (even if you can’t see for yourself at the time); then creates a space for You to cultivate and harness those characteristics. I appreciate her particular ability to make you feel safe, supported, and heard, while at the same time not letting you cheat yourself and calling you out on any mess.– Channing Hixon

The name of this program means SO much! I literally came to understand what it means to hold space for another. You don’t do the work for someone but you create a safe space for them to explore, express, and empower themselves. Octavia did just that for us making this the much needed catalyst in my year and this next phase in my life. The support from the group as a whole has been amazing … this was (and still is) a safe space to share my thoughts without fear of judgment. There was the spiritual, mental and emotional work but also the practical (and very necessary) work to actually put ACTION behind those ideas in my head. Right now, as I work towards building my vision of Well Indeed, a wellness lifestyle brand, I am preparing for my first yoga workshop series that starts in just under a month. There’s so much more to come but I’m so glad the journey has started and I had this awesome opportunity to help move things into action. – Venece Smith


This is a business mentorship program for yoga teachers who have an incredible + impactful brand (or business) and are ready to expand, broaden, and deepen that impact.

You must apply. We carefully review all applications and respond within 48 hours. If accepted you’ll receive instructions for how to secure one of the few spots in the program.

My calendar usually opens once a year in the fall and that’s when I accept new one-to-one mentor clients.

You have specific needs, wants, and desires. You have specific challenges, truths, and strengths? Don’t you? One-to- one allows us to focus, in a laser like way, on what your next right step is. Then the next. Then the next. and so on.

One-to-one supports allows us to get clear on where we are going and align with the most easeful, joyful way to get there … sooner.

It’s personal.

You need to have at least one full year within your business. Psstt— if you’ve been teaching, even in others’ studios YOU ARE YOUR OWN BUSINESS. Are you treating yourself as such? You also need at least one year of yoga teaching experience.

You are held.



Investment starts at $3499


4 month payment plans available

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