My heart is…Listening.

Yesterday while standing in the middle of my house I heard the sound of wind rustling through leaves. I wasn’t even outside and I heard layers of music moving through the trees.

Not cars. Not airplanes. Not buses.

I stood there listening with my whole body to this sound that I haven’t heard in so long despite it always being there.

I heard the wind kissing up against leaves in such an intentional display of intimacy and noncompliance to any social distancing.

Still listening-
Wind moved beyond the leaves, touched and leaned into light.

I remembered another way that I can feel and experience life.

I can listen.

I can hear life and the earth singing a slow tender song to me beneath the symphony of fear and outside of the range of chaos.

Yesterday I heard air whisper through a branch and I felt the presence of The One who is breathing me.

A practice for today-
Stand still in any one place. Feet grounded. Shoulders soft and back. Collar bones broad. Breathe.
Listen until you hear wind speak through a branch, a tree, or anything. Listen until you hear the wind stirring inside your own heart. Listen until you feel the presence of The One that is breathing you. Stand still in that presence.