After completing a 200 Hour Training, there are many paths to teaching yoga if you decide you’d like to.

If you decide you want to teach in a studio setting (this is ONLY one route) here are a few things I’ve learned over 10 years of teaching yoga as well as 2.5 years of owning Sacred Chill West.

1. Consider if your home (training) studio) offers a pathway for their graduates to become weekly/regularly scheduled teachers.

2. If you know you want to teach in a studio setting, yet
don’t feel quite ready to jump into teaching real folks, consider a mentor program.

3. If a studio interests you and you haven’t been, purchase the new student special and go practice+ be in community there. If the owner teaches on a weekly basis, take their class.

4. Go practice where you think you want to teach. Yes, I know that was #3. As a studio owner I always check to see if someone inquiring about teaching has been to Sacred Chill West. Here’s why, we build community, not simply classes and schedules. Additionally, our offerings at SCW (and most studios) are specific, so is the vibe. If you’ve never been we might not be your jam. Practicing where you want to teach FIRST gives you a chance to check studios out to! The studio isn’t simply “choosing you” you are choosing to be in relationship as well.

5. If you take classes at that studio who’s rep or IG you’ve been eyeing and think “yooooo this, all of this is my set!” Email them, say that. Say “I’ve been practicing in your community and I feel it’s MY community and here’s why” (specifics are good) or whatever version of that is real for you.

6. In that same email ask if they are hiring (or filling sub list) and what the process is.

7. Engage the process- fully and completely. AND keep practicing there.

8. If they say no, or not now, and it’s really your jam, continue to practice, keep showing up, keep building authentic + organic community.

. . . Trust it never goes unnoticed.

I’m carving out Tuesdays to write about and share what I’ve learned both about teaching yoga AND the business of doing the work.

Teachers- (new, not new, and in training) what questions do you have? Follow me on IG at @octaviaraheem and I’ll choose some and respond to them in the Tuesdays ahead.