How do I balance it all? I don’t.

Being a wife. Mother to a toddler. Studio co-owner. Teacher.  Yoga Student. Creator. Director of Yoga Teacher Training. Retreat leader. Writer. Mentor. Responding to all of the things, usually in 48 hours or less…

When I think of balance, I think of holding multiple things at once and hoping nothing drops. Honestly it’s anxiety provoking.

These days, I work at holding only one thing at a time while staying clear that I am many. I cultivate harmony. To me, harmony means that all of the things within my life play together in a way that creates a sound that I can flow to.

Some ways I cultivate harmony that may be useful for other yoga teachers who navigate many responsibilities daily:

1. Center what matters the most to you and stay focused on what genuinely supports + appreciates that vs. subtracts from it.

2. One of our most valuable assets is our attention. We become  more of what we pay attention to. What deserves your attention in this moment? Can you practice holding one thing at a time?

3. Place practice high on your list.  As a yoga teacher practice supports your capacity, creativity, and authentic connection to self and the work. It’s necessary.

4. AND— also- give yourself permission for your practice to evolve and truly serve your real life, now. In the first 9 months of my son’s life, I’d practice yoga nidra for 15 minutes at least 4 times a week during his nap time. And that was it. I savored it and it saved me.

5. I recently read an article that said the average mother works 80-90 hours a week if you take career, child care, and household duties into account. I know this is true for many complex historical, systemic, and varied reasons.  And— If you are in partnership and there’s a pronounced lack of equity in the distribution of housework and child rearing, be empowered to shift it. It will benefit your whole family.

6. Lessen the “all.” Say no when you need and want to.

Fortify your true “all.” Say yes when you mean it.

I don’t balance. I tend to one thing at a time.

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