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Mentor Program

Do you long for a community of teachers to work alongside as you build your vision? Are you ready to invest in your future in a powerful way?

Held is a three month virtual mentor program for yoga & wellness professionals seeking to create depth, sustainability & visibility for their work.

The Story

After completing my first yoga teacher training 12 years ago I spent the first six months thinking I didn’t want to teach yoga. After all, I was one of those people who took yoga teacher training because I wanted to deepen my practice, not so much teach.

Over the course of my training something awakened within me and I realized… yes, I do want to teach.
So how’d I find myself questioning that desire, calling, urge once training ended?

It’s simple. I stuffed it down because I didn’t know how to go about making it a reality. My training was incredible, and it only offered two hours (if that) of the business of yoga also known as “what the heck” do I do next!”

The more that I let go. The more I trust that I am held.

Yet, I wanted a mentor. A guide. Someone who had made their own path, the way I dreamed of making mine. Someone who hadn’t had a huge savings, trust fund, or someone else who’d be funding their dreams when they started. Someone who’d kept their 9 to 5, worked their dream part time, until they were grounded and ready to shift away from that. Someone who created from grit and scratch like I knew I would need to. I wanted someone I could ask questions, gain insight from, and receive honest feedback from.

It took years before I found my greatest mentors, Maya Breuer and Dr. Gail Parker.
In the meantime I figured it out. I made mistakes. I learned from them. I had moments of total kick ass-ness to. I still do all of these things. What’s essential in doing this work over the long haul? Beginning. Committing. Continuing. Clearing. Clarifying. Creating. Being in Community. I continue to cultivate and work at the career of my dreams in a way that is in harmony with my very real and demanding life as a partner and mother.

I am leading a three month small group mentorship program for yoga teachers.
This is my offering to the woman I was 12 years ago. The one afraid to admit what she wanted, because she deeply feared it wasn’t possible. It is filled with real life wisdom I’ve learned along the way.

I created this three month program for yoga teachers who are just starting out and determined to “find a way or make one” or who’ve been ambling along and have come to an impasse.

This program is for individuals who are ready to get down into the mud of their being and deeply engage the process required to access and unfold their lotus.  It’s for individual who are fed up with feeding everyone else via their work, yet feel like they are starving on so many levels, including financially. If you are tired of grinding, spinning your wheels, and are ready to create space to dream, vision, rest, then do.  This is the space for you. If you are willing to do both the inner and outer work that birthing a dream demands, this is for you.

“Mentoring is a mutuality that requires more than meeting the right teacher: the teacher must meet the right student.”

We will

Engage practices to find, connect to, and strengthen your voice.

Uncover your individual why, who, and message through inquiry, journaling, discussion, restorative practices, and yoga nidra

Create offerings that are unique to your why, who, and message.

Discuss best business practices to build classes, workshops, and retreats.

Do all of this while being held in a container that honors taking care of yourself, integrity and ethics, staying in alignment with your vision/mission.

Engage essential work around the energetic flow of money.

Over the course of our mentorship, you will be supported in drawing your own map that allows you to boldly chart your path to your dreams in a way that acknowledges your starting point and sustains you along the way.

What’s Included?

Real connection.

3- Altar Calls to share truths, breakdowns on the way to breakthroughs

Accountability partner from group for weekly check-ins

Collective Power.

4- two hour group+virtual sessions

Private group forum to share challenges & triumphs of process.

Inner work+ reflection.

Weekly homework (3 hours) rooted in yoga nidra + restorative and yin yoga focused on clearing blocks, clarifying vision+ purpose , and creating your unique offerings to share with the world.

Personalized support.

Unlimited access to email support from me over the course of the three months and up to one month after formal program concludes.

Wherever you are. It’s virtual!

This course is not currently scheduled.

 *sessions will be recorded and can be accessed any time.


Group meeting time: 7:30-9:00pm EST


Investment: $2222

Monthly: $555/Payment Plan

“You wanna fly, you got to give up the shit that weighs you down.”
– Toni Morrison

The Work.


Our practice, discussion, and inquiry will focus on identifying patterns, habits, and self limiting beliefs that undercut even our best efforts as well as diminishes our visibility on the path toward fulfilling our dreams.


Our practices, discussion, and inquiry will focus on identifying what we really truly want, what resources we already have, what we need to invest, and charting a course to make it happen.


This happens throughout our time together and much of your homework is focused on visioning, drafting, and creating at least one offering that you’ve only dreamed of launching out into the world.

Working with Octavia

Joining the Held mentorship program with Octavia taught me/is teaching me what if feels like to truly support. Most importantly, it taught me/is teaching me to allow myself to be supported.  It has been an embodied experience of learning how to show up, speak my deepest desires around my personal and professional life, and allow all the rough edges that I typically like to hide – to be seen. I’m grateful that the person seeing was Octavia – she held my dreams in her arms as if they were her own. She saw the parts of me that hid from doing *and* the parts of me that did too much. She nurtured me and my dreams – sometimes with soft nudges, other times with a push. One of her gifts is truly seeing and feeling – and knowing when each method of holding is appropriate. Thanks to her mentorship program – her nudges, her pushes, her holding – I am building programming that bridges the research I love to do (work, stigma, and worthiness) with the practices that have helped heal my own toxic relationship to work (stillness based yoga practices). I am on my way. I am grateful. I am held. -Tiffany Johnson

The Held Mentorship is that meaningful piece that was missing from all my yoga teacher trainings, courses, workshops and classes: a real relationship with an experienced and compassionate teacher who is willing to share from and listen with her open heart. The type of safe and nourishing space that Octavia Raheem creates and cultivates for the individual and intimate group is beyond anything that I could imagine existed. I thought I would never overcome my fears, doubts and insecurities surrounding my ability to find my true purpose as a yoga teacher and wellness guide. I thought it was too late in my career to need and ask for such guidance, and too late in my life to find self-love and true sisterhood. The support I gained here let me dig deep in black soil, touch and expose my most tender roots, water my dreams to grow into a healthy, strong tree; a woman who is seen, heard and loved. I am fearless now and shining in my purpose to enhance the life and livelihood of myself and others through offering private sessions, presenting and branching out my gifts across the city and nation through classes, workshops and at retreats, and I have begun writing my first book. My unique path is clearer, my highest goals are clarified and my creativity is back and ablaze. I am reborn, and I am held. -Ona Hawk

I had an idea of what I wanted from a mentor program, but what I actually got out of it was more than I could have imagined. I realized that my expectations on how a mentorship with Octavia Raheem would operate was on the surface side of things, but she had other plans. She dove, without hesitation, and with a nurturing approach into the deeper levels on having me question and answer, who I am and what I REALLY want. She worked me from the inside out. Which offered me a deeper insight and perspective not only on mySelf, but also my work as a yoga teacher. Octavia has a special ability to see a person’s true nature, energy, and gifts (even if you can’t see for yourself at the time); then creates a space for You to cultivate and harness those characteristics. I appreciate her particular ability to make you feel safe, supported, and heard, while at the same time not letting you cheat yourself and calling you out on any mess.– Channing Hixon

The name of this program means SO much! I literally came to understand what it means to hold space for another. You don’t do the work for someone but you create a safe space for them to explore, express, and empower themselves. Octavia did just that for us making this the much needed catalyst in my year and this next phase in my life. The support from the group as a whole has been amazing … this was (and still is) a safe space to share my thoughts without fear of judgment. There was the spiritual, mental and emotional work but also the practical (and very necessary) work to actually put ACTION behind those ideas in my head. Right now, as I work towards building my vision of Well Indeed, a wellness lifestyle brand, I am preparing for my first yoga workshop series that starts in just under a month. There’s so much more to come but I’m so glad the journey has started and I had this awesome opportunity to help move things into action. – Venece Smith


This program is open to those who:
Have completed a 200-hour or higher yoga teacher training program

Completed an application

*Individuals who are working to bring a creative or wellness based project to life, but who are not yoga teachers may be accepted on a case by case basis. Email Octavia at octavia@octaviaraheem.com and share your work + why. Let’s see if this program is a fit for you.

This program is offered by application only. Apply HERE.
Due to the intimate and supportive nature of this work, space is limited.


Held is a nurturing, creative, bold, communal space for yoga teachers & wellness professionals {and creatives} to be supported+witnessed as we chart a path to our dreams.

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