In the last trimester of pregnancy I unexpectedly lost a work contract I depended on. ⁠

Strange things began to happen physically and I ended up being monitored for potential prenatal heart complications. Near the very end I was told my amniotic fluid may get low and to be prepared for induction. I felt like I was crawling up a steep mountain those last few weeks. I wouldn’t trade anything for my journey right now. And⁠
my heart is with those of you traversing any of this through a pandemic.⁠

Within my challenges I had an excellent team of midwives, a doula, and birth educator who listened to and cared for me. Ultimately my delivery was empowering and life changing in 108 positive ways. I hope the same thing for those of you birthing during this time. May your process bring healing to you, your lineage, and legacy.⁠

We stayed in the house for the first few months of my son’s life. I’m a “country” mama and rarely took my baby out or “showed” him when he was still wet, new, and pink. I taught yoga or worked at night and spent my day holding my son so close it felt like we were breathing each other.⁠
My breath is with those breathing into new life through the thick air of right now.⁠

Then the anxiety started. Postpartum. During those days I could hear a cough/ sneeze miles away and see clouds of germs descending from 6,000 feet above. Yes, the way my anxiety worked, this was the complete truth in my mind and I battled with it. Even with therapy, it was still a fight. My warrior spirit is with those who are clawing through the messy parts of postpartum that go unspoken, buried in shame, and unacknowledged. I honor that you are fighting all of this during a global war. You deserve for us all to be your army.⁠

Expectant and new mothers, four years ago I was you.⁠
and today I am thinking of you.⁠

I offer you this prayer:⁠

May The Mother of all protect and guide you safely through labor and birth.⁠
May those born this season of this year come in peace and health.⁠
May The Mother of Grace carry you and your baby into a brighter day.⁠

May The Mother of Grace hold us all.⁠