Due to ongoing Covid-19 concerns, this retreat has been canceled.

Fall Retreat 2020

3 days/ 2 nights

September 18-20, 2020

Starshine & Clay: A Place for Women of Color To Be

Sister, I see you. On the verge of something. Something? A breakthrough? A break down? A new beginning?

I have been all of those places. I have been both fearful and faithful as I’ve journeyed through. I have learned that the only way out is through. I have both fought and surrendered my way through. And here I am.

I created Starshine and Clay Yoga Retreat For Women of Color because I need a place to both affirm my wholeness and practice being well in my body and soul; I needed a place that felt like home to do that. A place where I don’t need to worry bout the small things, like my edges. A place that I don’t have to “study” bout the big things that threaten to send me over the edge, like racism and sexism. The things that show up in even the most well meaning of places.

Refuge. We all need refuge. I never met my maternal grandmama, Annie Mae Williams. I’ve longed for her and dreamed her my whole life. I’m told her place of refuge was quiet time and prayer after all of the work was done and all of her children were tucked in. Every Starshine and Clay Retreat includes the practices that my mama, grandmama, and the women before them called and conjured up in order to find refuge: prayer, meditation, moving, being still, music, singing, gathering of us, talking around tables, being in circles, eating, making things, and rest.

I call that simply yoga. And yoga is my gift and the primary tool I use to make, hold, and set the space for the connection, growth, and transformation that happen at every retreat.

Revival: {Merriam Webster definition) 1 : an act or instance of reviving : the state of being revived: such as (a) : renewed attention to or interest in something  (b ): a new presentation or publication of something old (c1) : a period of renewed religious interest (c2) : an often highly emotional evangelistic meeting or series of meetings 2 : restoration of force, validity, or effect (as to a contract)

Revival: {My lived experience} Inner Renewal, Reclamation, Rebirth and Rising, to bring back to fullest life. A place to gather in sacred community, connect to all that is divine with ourselves. To lay burdens down and rise up, freely. To touch the unbound place within. An awakening.

Our Fall 2020 Starshine & Clay Yoga Retreat For Women of Color is inspired by my childhood experiences going to Revival services in my hometown of Gainesville, Georgia and my direct experience of how the practices of yoga, yoga nidra, meditation, creativity, song, and sisterhood have {re}awakened my heart, spirit, and soul to the greater purpose of my life.

Our Fall 2020 Retreat is an opportunity to step away from our daily responsibilities and tending to everyone and everything else. It is a opportunity to revive and rise up singing our bodies, minds, and hearts.

Bringing the gifts that my ancestors gave… I rise. I rise. I rise. -Dr. Maya Angelou

This work is personal and ancestral to me. Starshine & Clay is my great grandmama’s unwritten story.  My grandmama’s unsung song. My mama’s unspoken poem. The hymnal trapped in their hearts, now free to manifest in my mind, body, soul. This is my story to own and tell. This is our story.

Guest Teachers

Special Presenters

April J. Taylor

What happens at a Starshine and Clay Retreat? Watch this.

Here’s what’s included in Fall 2020 Retreat:

Two Nights of incredible accommodations

You can decide to be solo or have a roommate. Rooms offer queen, full, and twin beds, private or shared bathrooms. Elohee’s Bald Mountain provides space for you to experience a combination of comfort, privacy, as well as fellowship with sister friends old and new.

Soulful Opening Circle

We dive right in with introductions, meditation, deep breath, and powerful exhales. From the moment we sit down in the circle together, you feel it. The power and presence. The possibility of both manifestation and release. The magic of our being is amplified in and by our opening and sacred circle.

10-12 Hours of Yoga  Workshops

Each yoga experience is designed specifically for our Starshine & Clay Retreat. Each practice is designed with our restoration, release, relaxation, and re-connection. Practices will include restorative, yin, and flow yoga as well as meditation and yoga nidra. All practices are all levels. Absolute beginners are welcome.

Sound Healing and Meditation

Clear stuck energy and connect to your deepest wisdom through sound healing. You will be transported to a place that is deeply healing, peace filled, and nourishing through our sound healing session with Gong Master and sound therapist April Taylor.

Plenty of room to be quiet, rest, and chill

How often do we have space and time to be intentional and quiet with ourselves, away from the noise, asking, and loudness of the world? Here, there’s space carved out to sit by the waterfall, fireside, or one of the decks over looking the beautiful landscape and simply be quiet.

Experiences created with the soul of a sister in mind+ heart

How do I love myself more fully and completely? This is a question to be both pondered, reflected, on, shared with others, and experimented with. Each Starshine & Clay Retreat includes an opportunity to explore your relationship to yourself through depth yoga practices, stillness, movement, laughter, and quiet.

Hiking trails and access to 100ft. waterfall

Enjoy the property and potentially take a hike!  A whole waterfall to see, feel, listen to, and be lulled by awaits you if you decide to take that journey. Come through nature!

Delicious, catered, and healthy meals

All meals are fully catered by the professional staff at Elohee Retreat Center. You don’t have to do a thing except show up hungry at mealtime—our personal/ in house chef will take care of the rest! Each meal will provide options to accommodate individuals dietary needs.

The company of a truly magic squad of women

We share wisdom and truth, laughter and tears, practice yoga and meditate. You’ll meet sisters and create bonds that last a lifetime in this magical place.

A life shifting experience

What happens when you interrupt the day to day grind with: Late night chats by the fire, relaxing and invigorating yoga, delicious food, intentional quiet time, dreams shared beneath the waterfall, morning meditation, a soul nourishing massage overlooking the forest, yoga nidra, and so much more? Anything is possible here. Give yourself permission to connect to and experience your own heart. Fall in love with yourself, your body, your life.

Can you tell me about the retreat center?

The 220 acres of undeveloped land where Elohee rests is called Landsong. It is located in the North Georgia mountains in the foothills of the Blue Ridge near the village of Sautee Nacoochee. The Elohee Center at Landsong was created to provide a retreat space in Nature to allow for self-exploration, individual growth, and mind/body healing. It is a place where Earth and Air, Fire and Water nurture wisdom both ancient and new.

Elohee offers a variety of options for privacy, comfort with varied prices including 7 rooms with two twin beds and a private bath, 7 rooms with a king bed and a private bath and 28 private rooms with a twin bed with a shared bath for every 2 rooms.

Elohee’s Bald Mountain houses The Pond a man-made, self-contained, self-cleaning ecosystem providing a chemical-free pond and water garden. The Pond harnesses Nature’s own processes to produce clean, clear water. A shallow beach, aquatic plants and rocks act as natural filters removing contaminants and helps prevent algae. In addition, rocks seeded with friendly bacteria biologically cleanse the water. A small waterfall adds valuable aeration. Natural predators and moving water make the Pond practically mosquito free. Pumps circulate the water through the regeneration zone and back into the Pond. Our pond was built by Mick Hilleary of Kansas-based Total Habitat, the nation’s leader in the construction of ponds.

During our retreat, we will practice in Mandala Hall. In Sanskrit “mandala” means both circle and center, suggesting that it represents both the visible and invisible – the macrocosm around us and microcosm deep inside our hearts and minds. Thus, it seems fitting to refer to the seventeen-sided building serving as Elohee’s primary meeting space as Mandala Hall. Located adjacent to The Pond and Fire Ring, its primary space is 45 feet in diameter which makes it ideal for group meetings, meditation, yoga and dance classes. Its windows overlooking forest and valley allow for Nature to enter visibly.

What are my rooming + pricing options?

Large Room with Private Bath (Double Occupancy) starting at $885 per person

Small Room with Share Bath (Single Occupancy) $885 per person

Large Room with Private Bath (Single Occupancy) $1075 per person

The retreat is located at Elohee retreat center about one hour and 45 minutes north of Atlanta in the North Georgia mountains in the foothills of the Blue Ridge near the village of Sautee Nacoochee. We will be in the Thanksgiving House for our retreat.

The address is 81 Hobart Lane Sautee Nacoochee, GA 30571


Check-in begins on Friday September 18th at 3pm with our first activity starting promptly at 6pm. Retreats end Sunday September 20, 2020 at 1pm. Please plan to stay the entire time.


This retreat is designed to be a communal gathering while also providing plenty of solo time for you to rest- chill-and simply be, as well as build deeper connections with the women present.

There is only space for no more than 30 women at this retreat and it usually fills quickly each year. If now is your time, save your space SOON!

Prices are all inclusive and are:

Prices range from $895-$1075

40% of total price is due in order to reserve your space. The final payment can be paid any time after that, but must be paid at least 7 days in advance of start of retreat.

Retreat will include:

  • Soulful opening+ closing circle
  • Morning and evening yoga practices with Octavia Raheem
  • Yoga Nidra Workshop with Tracee Stanley
  • Restorative Yoga workshop with Dr. Gail Parker
  • Sound Meditation experience with April Taylor
  • Live song/singing by Malesha Taylor
  • Professional nap/rest sessions (yes… naps)
  • Intentional quiet time
  • Meditation sessions
  • Delicious, catered, healthy meals and snacks
  • Serene views from house of the 100ft waterfall
  • Access to well tended hiking trails
  • The company of truly magical women

…and there’s more.

Once you get to our retreat house you will not need to purchase, be responsible for, cook, or even think about anything… unless of course, you want to.

You are responsible for  you travel to and from the retreat center.

If you are traveling from out of state, you will want to fly into Atlanta/Hartsfield Airport. Local or from airport, directions to the retreat center can be found here.

Shuttles from airport: http://www.airportstarshuttle.com/,  http://qualitytransportation.net/, http://atlantaexecutivelimos.com/
Prices should be compared for all of the above shuttle services, as there can be a significant
difference among them. Uber will bring people from the airport up to Elohee for less than any shuttle service, but as of now, they won’t pick up at Elohee and take people to the airport.
A really good substitute is to rent a car, especially if shared by a group of women. A facebook group will be set up at least 45 days before retreat date in order for women to connect and determine ride sharing.

There is a space for you in the circle.  Claim it.

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