What have you had to remember over the last 7-10 days?
What is it you know that you know even right now?

Last night previous cohorts of my Held mentor group for yoga teachers and wellness workers gathered (online) to be in community, breathe and ground, reflect, and pray.

Despite us not being in a physical space together, the essence of Spirit and our Honorable Ancestors were deep and “thick” in “the room”.

We talked about remembering how to garden, cook nourishing meals at home, create art/music/poetry/dance, cultivate rituals that keep us close to God.

We remembered that underneath all chaos there is The Constant. When we pause, yield, and surrender, we notice it.

We remembered the wisdom, sayings, and songs of our mothers and grandmothers: “Lord don’t move my mountain, give me the strength to climb…”

We remembered that we are one anothers’ safe place and refuge.

I asked the group to journal about what they know that they know right now:
Many of us agreed that we know we will be forever changed and transformed by this.
We will be more real. More honest. More courageous. More compassionate.

We know that we are learning to be ourselves.

We ended our gathering with silent and spoken prayers:
Dear God, we don’t know what tomorrow holds. We do know we are held.

And so it is.