Octavia Raheem is a wife, mother, author of two books Pause, Rest, Be and Gather,
rest coach, chief executive daydreaming officer, and yoga educator. She founded Devoted to Rest +
Starshine & Clay Online Yoga and Meditation Studio for Black Women and Women of Color.

Within her rest and work she threads poetry, prayer, and time tested practices into a blanket of
experience under which individuals can gather and rebuke stress, fatigue, and burnout. The
foundation of Octavia’s rest work is Black Church (rooted in the South USA), restorative yoga,
Yoga Nidra, and meditation. Her deepest offerings lead driven, ambitious, visionary, and highly
impactful women to awaken the fullness of their wisdom, power, and clarity through rest.

Octavia has over 20 years of experience and well over 10,000 hours of designing and delivering
classes, restshops, workshops, immersions, and trainings that transform, heal, and restore
individuals and organizations. In 2021 Yoga Journal magazine recognized Octavia as one of
fifteen experienced yoga professionals who have elevated and changed the field on a global
scale. Closer to home and as a beacon in her local community, she was named one of four
luminaries who have lit the way and created new avenues to yoga in Atlanta, Georgia, and the
Southeast in September 2019 by Natural Awakening Magazine. Additionally her writing, rest,
and work have been featured in Mantra, Tricycle, Well + Good, Atlanta Magazine, CNN, and at
Essence Festival Wellhouse Atlanta.

She has an academic background in English Literature, creative writing,and middle grades
education as well as 10+ years of professional experience developing curricula for innovative
learning and teaching Language Arts in K-12 settings. Most recently, she combined her passion
for yoga, creativity, language, and community through her four year tenure as co-director for
Yoga, Literature, and Art Camp for Teen Girls at Spelman College Museum of Fine Art founded
by Dr. Chelsea Jackson Roberts.

Octavia is committed to herself, family, and community being well and rested- in body, mind,
heart, and spirit. After a lifetime of overworking, exhaustion, and diminished presence she is
devoted to rest and writing as liberatory and generative practices for us all. What Octavia does
not do will be as much a part of her legacy as what she courageously chooses to say yes to and

Learn more about Octavia Raheem at www.octaviaraheem.com
Books: www.pauserestbe.com & https://octaviaraheem.com/gather/
Octavia in the media: https://octaviaraheem.com/in-the-media/
Instagram- @octaviaraheem


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