Private yoga is an invaluable tool for students of all levels and experience. It is incredibly beneficial to those of you who may be new to yoga. In a private session with me, we address your specific needs and work on areas of individual interest.  As a teacher and guide I always strive to create balance.

What I love most about working with you privately is that I can see you. I can hear you. I can devote 110% of my undivided attention to your practice and development! I’ve seen powerful transformations in many of my private students because of this.

Sessions can be conducted at Sacred Chill {West}, Evolation Yoga in Midtown Atlanta, your office, school, or home.

Some of my most requested private offerings:

*NEW STUDENT SPECIAL– three (3) 60 minutes session pack (must be purchased as pack and be used within 30 days)- $250

*only available to clients who haven’t worked privately with me in the last 12 months.

New to yoga or returning after an injury or just it’s just been a long time and the thought of jumping right in to group classes isn’t appealing to you? Start here! We will cover commonly taught postures and proper alignment, basic breath work, and how to adjust and modify for your personal needs.

CHILLshop®yoga: You need rest.

I create a peaceful, grounded and nurturing environment. I use bolsters, blankets, and blocks to support you in long held poses. Aromatherapy and gentle touch are also incorporated to make space for you to feel completely supported,  taken care of, and rest. CHILLshop yoga quiets the sympathetic nervous system and stimulates the para-sympathetic nervous system. This allows for true healing, including improvements in sleep, digestion, focus, and general well being. Ideal for people who are overworked, overstimulated, super active, and need space + time to deeply relax.

Prenatal Yoga: You are a mama-to-be
We will focus on asanas that you can practice throughout the different trimesters of pregnancy.  If you already have a yoga practice, we will talk about safe modifications so that you can continue to practice with confidence.  Additionally we explore with you relaxation and breath techniques to carry you through labor and delivery.

Yoga for Athletes: You need training  & recovery support

Includes therapeutic stretching, specific strength training, core stability, and postures that support your favorite way of living active be it running, crossfit, spinning, basketball, football, etc. I also address the importance of focus and mindfulness. Ideal for all athletes, from professionals to weekend warriors.

Don’t see something that fits your needs, don’t worry! The above are simply some of my most requested kinds of private sessions. Ultimately each session is designed to meet your individual needs in the moment!
60 minutes- $95
plus $25 for each person added to semi-private
Contact me to schedule a complimentary phone assessment here.Ready to start? Email me at for availability.


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