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Tues. 6:15–7:15 pm at Sacred Chill {West}

Sacred Power

Tues. 7:30–8:30 pm at Sacred Chill {West}






Thurs. 6:15–7:15pm at Sacred Chill {West}


Deep Stretch Yin

Fri. 6:15–7:15 pm at Sacred Chill {West}



Sacred Power

Sat. 8:30–9:45 am at Sacred Chill {West}


Sat. 10:00–11:00 am at Sacred Chill {West}




Private Sessions

Private yoga is an invaluable tool for students of all levels and experience. Private lessons provide the perfect setting to address your specific needs and work on areas of individual interest.  In a private session we can work on specific postures, work with and through an injury, address questions about philosophy, focus on breath work or meditation. The beauty of private sessions is that the entire session is built around what you need and want.

Sessions can be conducted in one of the beautiful practice rooms of Evolation Yoga in Midtown Atlanta, your office, school, or home.

Types of private yoga sessions offered:


I create a peaceful, grounded and nurturing environment. I use bolsters, blankets, and blocks to support you in long held poses. Aromatherapy and gentle touch are also incorporated to make space for you to feel completely supported,  taken care of, and rest. Restorative yoga quiets the sympathetic nervous system and stimulates the para-sympathetic nervous system. This allows for true healing, including improvements in sleep, digestion, focus, and general well being. Ideal for people who are overworked, overstimulated, super active, and need space + time to deeply relax.

Align+ Stretch

Includes therapeutic stretching, specific strength training, core stability, and postures that support your favorite way of living active be it running, crossfit, spinning, basketball, football, etc. I also address the importance of focus and mindfulness. Ideal for all athletes, from professionals to weekend warriors.


This practice will increase strength, flexibility, and stamina.  Every sequence is personally designed based on your goals with an eye toward detail, refinement of postures, and essential/safe alignment.  Ideal for people who want yoga to be a mindful, yet a workout.

Contact me to schedule a complimentary phone assessment here.

Ready to start? Email me at for availability and rates.



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Learning with Octavia is very real. In classes, she’s known to say, “Yoga’s not a workout; it’s a work in.” But really, Octavia delivers the best of both. Her Power classes are sweaty, challenging, sometimes exhausting, but also thoughtful, inspiring, maybe even healing. Whether she’s teaching restorative Yin or explaining yogic philosophy, she helps students understand the physical practice as a means of accessing deeper truths. Octavia’s personal intelligence and warmth make her an ideal mentor, and I’m grateful for the opportunity to follow where she leads.

-Amanda Trevelino

Octavia is a gift to the Atlanta yoga scene. She is the real deal. She is wise, soulful, deep, and radiant. Her class transports you to a world of compassion, warmth, kindness, and yes, one hell of a work out. My favorite is to take s Saturday double-header of Octavia’s “power hour” followed by “hips, heat and flow.” It gets me every time.

-Kira Karmazin

Octavia’s classes are filled with strength, peace, meditation and sweat! I find that I truly find strength and understanding when I flow in her class. It has been a great honor to place a mat in a room with her.

-Josh Charles